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AQCH Hypnotherapy Journal, Issue 16 – February 1993 / Updated 2006
© Helen Lesser 1993-2006


The following article was published in the Journal of the Association of Qualified Curative Hypnotherapists. Due to advancements made since it was initially published, it has now been updated by the author to bring it into line with the current understanding and application of LCH treatment.

So many LCH practitioners, when first starting out, seem to worry about asking the ‘right questions’ – when in fact there is no such thing.

Agreed, you have to ensure they are phrased in the right way – i.e. you can get a ‘Yes/no’ answer to it; you are not inviting the patient to involve his conscious mind; you are not leading the patient to an answer you have already decided on; you are being specific enough in your wording that the patient knows which ‘incident’ you are referring to: etc.

The trouble is not in wording the questions, it is in knowing what the questions should be about – in other words, unless you know the information you need to obtain, none of your questions will help you.

All people can throw a dart – most people can hit a dartboard – but it takes skill and practice to hit where you are aiming.

It is the ‘aim’ of questions which seems to be the sticking-point for a number of therapists – naturally, if you are not sure what information you want to obtain, you will have trouble finding a question that will get it.

I thought perhaps an article may help – So let’s make up and example. Cuthbert has a migraine problem:


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