An Unexpected Reply

© Mary Ratcliffe, 2021

I asked a question and got a reply I really wasn’t expecting, and that opened up a whole new level of benefit for my client and a new and powerful gismo in my toolkit.

The initial consultation is a time to get the clearest picture we can from the client in relation to what they are looking for, what is bothering them, in what way they think they need help.

My client arrived with a fear of flying. The discussion went in a fairly predictable way as she described incidents on flights – an engine fire, a fairly scary landing in a storm – and a fear of lifts and of being a passenger in a car which she described as a feeling of not being in control.

Treatment was progressing well. She was following guidance and I was getting subconscious information. During one session, she became tearful towards the end. She didn’t understand why she was crying because it wasn’t related to any thoughts she’d been having at the time or any memory that had come back to her. She hadn’t felt sad either.


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