Benefits of LCH Books

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There are still only four books in existence relevant to LCH, two by David Lesser and two by Mary Ratcliffe.  Having copies of these books available to your patients has a number of advantages for you:-

  • Referring to David’s books shows that Curative/LCH has been around for a while and is therefore reliable/credible – so potential for increased client confidence in therapy;
  • Referring to Mary’s books gives good counterpoint to David’s, being written by a practicing therapist and being significantly more up to date;
  • Great resource if clients show further interest;
  • They provide an alternative ways of explaining things. People respond to different ways of explaining and describing the treatment, so it’s useful to have another therapist’s ideas to hand;
  • The various case studies contained within the books could give hope to those who doubt they can succeed in treatment;
  • If a client reads a book or buys one, there is a good chance they will share it with someone else, either for their interest or help persuade them to book their first appointment with you;
  • You can gain a small but useful additional income from selling them.

It may be worthwhile regularly checking the current price of these on Amazon, as they are sometimes on offer at a cost lower than the normal retail price.  It can then be useful to purchase several copies and make a small profit on the sale of each one.

David’s books are both hardback and carry the retail price of £12.95.  Mary’s are paperback and while they don’t show a price, generally retail at £9.99.

If you would like to hold a small stock of David’s books to give, lend or sell to your patients you can buy these at cost from the College.

Direct from the College, you can purchase copies at the following discounts:-

1 – 2 copies – 17% (£10.74 per copy)

3-6 copies – 25%  (£9.72 per copy)

7 or more copies – 33% (£8.64 per copy).

(All costs shown excluding post/packing)


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