Blinking And Flickering

Blinking And Flickering

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I have a patient who, since introducing IMR intro, has got quite emotional on a number of occasions.

Today, he didn’t get emotional and we were working well but then right at the end of the session his eyes started flickering to the point I could see his eyeballs and then he just opened them and sat up. This time he said that rather than getting emotional he had felt very deeply relaxed, and then all of a sudden it felt like he was dreaming but couldn’t see what he was dreaming about. He said it felt like a story was about to unfold but it was struggling to get through – and all the time he was trying to relax and distract himself but his eyes kept flickering uncontrollably so he had to sit up.

Will this happen next time with him? What should I do?


AS: It sounds as though the last session was a success and you were getting SC information. My guess would be that the ‘dreamlike’ images trying to come through was the SC information you were gaining and he became


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