Can We Treat…?

© Mary Ratcliffe, 2021

A recent search of the Knowledge Base and the Facebook Group and my memory of previous Practical Courses and Conferences have provided  examples of types of questions  being asked by students and therapists over many years. The questions are of the form, ‘Can we treat…?’ naming a specific physical/medical illness, a diagnosis or the medical name for a physical symptom.

The ones I’ve found so far include: – Functional Tremor – Type II Diabetes – Endometriosis – Early onset Alzheimer’s – Tinnitus – Parkinson’s and there are many, many more!

As therapists, we can be asked the question and we need to know how to reach an answer. We need general guidelines that we can use in all these kinds of cases. We can then go through the process systematically for whatever is the specific condition, diagnosis or symptom.


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