Can’t Keep Distracted

Can’t Keep Distracted

© Helen Lesser 2014

A therapist had got in touch because of his worries over one particular patient and her difficulty in allowing IMR for answering questions.

He had used the ‘Helium Balloon‘ technique, which the patient had gone along with beautifully, but then as soon as he was halfway through his first question, she “steps back in and can’t ignore me.”

The therapist asked whether this had been a problem for any other therapist, and how to deal with the situation.

Firstly, in answer to one question – yes, this sort of situation does happen to others, and is also simply rectified once the cause of the problem has been identified (now where have I heard this before?!)

So; what are the possible causes?  Lack of sufficient Conscious Distraction is obviously part of this, and may be due to one of these 6 reasons:-


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