Case Study MR01 S3/7

The following is the submission for Module 9 of the Diploma, the complete case study, provided by Mary Ratcliffe. It was completed in 2009 and has been supplied exactly as submitted at the time, not updated or corrected for any changes in Mary’s treatment of clients resulting from intervening experience and CPD.

It is the final submission, so has benefited from all the feedback and guidance from Helen Lesser via all the relevant Diploma modules. The sessions were not recorded, so the wording was generated from notes taken at the time, so, in many cases, is unlikely to be exactly what was said. As this is a key part of the Diploma learning process, it is, in a number of instances, a correction of errors, developing into something nearer to ‘what should have been said’.

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Session 3

This, the third session, includes preparatory explanations about auto-pilot driving to help reinforce the explanations given during treatment itself in establishing IMR. Deepening was achieved using the Relaxation Scale and IMR introduced in the standard way. No IMR was observed in this session so a form of hand levitation was used, along with explanations and reassurance to both conscious and subconscious mind, both during and after hypnosis.


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