Check Out


© Helen Lesser, 1992

First published in the Hypnotherapy Journal
Issue 15, August 1992

(The Newsletter of Association Qualified Curative Hypnotherapists –
a registered charity [No. 294512] which existed from 1985 to 2007)


Way back in August 1989, Journal No.9 was published and included an article I had written called ‘My Way’. I am pleased (and flattered!) that some Members have found it useful. But the question that they always seem to temper their comments with is “….but what do you mean by Usual Checking Procedures?”

Also, at the Conference this year, I was again accused of repeating myself (perhaps there is some truth in it after all). I was asked on more than one occasion exactly what it is that I keep checking when I say to people ‘always check everything’.

There is no simple answer to this question – but there is a quick one: – ‘Everything’!

Everything that is, except


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