Coughs and Sneezes

Discussion: November 2002

Question:  I have a patient who relaxes very well and treatment has made great progress I think. 4 sessions in and we appear to be very close to a result already. But in the 3rd & 4th session, while using I.M.R. to get responses (and going quite nicely too) as I feel we are getting close to some relevant information she starts sneezing and coughing.

She comes out of relaxation and I assure her it will not happen again. I relax her but can see she is preoccupied with controlling an irritation. She is not allergic to anything as far as she knows, but has said that she does sometimes sneeze when going to bed when she’s tired.

I have re-assured her that this will not happen again, but as it has happened in two sessions now, I know it’s in her head that it will.

Any advice?

DI – I’ve had two patients who did similar – one with coughing and another with an itchy ear which they couldn’t stop scratching – both during IMR. In both cases, the


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