Continued Professional Development

The following article gives examples of what may be acceptable as continued professional development by your membership organisation and details a list of what is acceptable CPD as stated in the LCH Licence Agreement.  There is also an example Log Sheet which you may download to use or tailor to your own tastes and/or needs.

Continued Professional Development

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Those professional organisations which are not yet enforcing CPD requirements as a condition of membership, will no doubt shortly begin to do so. It is therefore necessary that each of us get into the habit of recording the CPD and training which we undertake.

Renewal of LCH Licence and full access to the Knowledge Base is also dependent on you being able to prove your active and ongoing CPD.

In this article:

  1. Examples of CPD
  2. Explanation of acceptable CPD
  3. How to keep track of your CPD
  4. Download a template for you own use

1. Examples of CPD


* = CPD Certificate provided by College
= Proof of activity may be accepted as evidence of CPD for Trademark Licence purposes in certain circumstances.
counts as ‘Active Participation’ in LCH.

(General CPD in brown text / therapy-specific CPD in black text)

Meetings, discussions, conferences means both virtual as well as to in-person

Attending Seminar, workshop, lecture, conference, meeting about hypnosis

Attending a College workshop or conference  * †

Attending  refresher training (either entire Practical Course or single weekend)   * †

Completing College diploma course modules  * †

Receiving supervision from a more experienced colleague

Receiving personal one-to-one mentoring or coaching

Recording then transcribing one of your treatment sessions for personal analysis/scrutiny or to swap with colleague for peer supervision/feedback.

Creating a detailed Case Study of one of your patients where you can describe how your skills and/or understanding have been extended, so that this can be used by you to enhance the treatment you provide to subsequent patients.

Designing and/or facilitating an approved LCH training session or workshop  * †

Having an article published on the LCH Knowledge Base * †

Writing articles for other hypnotherapy publications

Promoting LCH to a wide audience either in person to a large group or via media (print, broadcast, internet)

Replying to questions or providing guidance on the LCH forum/discussion group

Providing supervision

Providing mentoring or coaching

Being an examiner for the Certificate Examinations at the end of the Practical Course

Being a Teacher’s Assistant on a Practical Course * †

Reading relevant books

Internet research on specific, relevant topics

Reading articles on the LCH Knowledge Base

Reading/responding to discussions on the Facebook Group or other forums

Discussions with colleagues on relevant topics.

Discussions with the College on relevant topics.

Peer Supervision – meeting to discuss with and learn from your colleagues

Any activity which may have a useful impact on how you interact with your patients

Any activity which may have a useful impact on how you apply your therapy.

Learning about ‘First Aid’

Learning about Health & Safety in your practice

Learning about marketing, promotion, advertising

Any other ‘business related’ activity (eg: bookkeeping)

Attending relevant Networking events

Any course which may have a useful impact on how you run your business

2. Explanation Of Acceptable CPD

It seems that many people are surprised to realise just how much CPD they regularly undertake, it is


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