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I think I could write what I know about computers on the back of a postage stamp so when faced with the challenge of creating a web-site, I knew I was completely out of my comfort zone. My first thought was to throw some money at the problem but since my financial resources could also fit on the back of the same postage stamp this quickly became a non-starter.

I was quoted anywhere between £500 and £5000 to develop a web-site depending on how all-singing and all-dancing I wanted my web presence to be but I have visited web-sites in the past and found the reality of the business to be a very far cry from its web representation and I am a “what you see is what you get” type of individual. I also realised that a vast majority of the work would have originate from me anyway in terms of content and appearance etc., So I thought I would try to build my web-site myself, after all, I can


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