Dermatillomania Transcript – 4

© Helen Lesser, 2017

A 31 year old woman received treatment from Helen Lesser on the 2017 Practical Course, in front of the students.  The sessions were recorded and the following is a transcript of the final (check up) treatment session.

The patient attended for a skin-picking habit (lips and fingers) which she had had since she was a young child.

[Session 3]  [Session 4]  [Session 5]  [Session 6]

Session 6 (of 6)

CL reported that since last appointment (2 weeks previously) she had begun to reduce her anti-depressant medication, which she had been taking for the last three years.  She had not noticed the habit and was feeling proud of the improved look of her fingers.  She was very happy with her progress to date.

Treatment proceeded…….

  1. (Standard induction)


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