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I have got a client who raises both fingers together for the majority of the questions I ask. They rise together with no time gap between them. It’s quite infuriating, so I start repeating my question but in a different order but when I still get a double answer I have to move onto a new question which doesn’t help the flow of my thought process!

Has this happened before and if so how did you deal with it? I’m assuming when this happens that the subconscious is answering at the same time the conscious is answering.


Ok – first thing to look at is your questions.

You need to be sure that your questions are correctly worded, that they can actually be answered with a yes or a no response (ie – “where the people older than you?” when some were and some weren’t). If it is not the questions, but the way the patient is answering them then it must be due to one of four things:-


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