Failed Smoking Treatment


© Helen Lesser 2004

 The following shows a request for advice from one therapist and the responses of two other therapists. The matter revolved around two people who had received the standard anti-smoking treatment and, when it had not worked, contacted the Trading Standards Dept and requested a full refund of the fees paid.

There were many mistakes made by this therapist and some valuable lessons learnt – which is why this article is provided here.

There were quite a number of emails back and forth on this matter gaining further information between the three people. The following is a collation of all of them.

For ease of reading, we have named the two patients Ann and Bess and the comments of the three therapists are reproduced here in different colours.

Our gratitude goes to the therapist concerned who was prepared to discuss this situation so openly with colleagues and agreed to allow others benefit from the publication of the following:-




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