Falling Asleep

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Question: I am currently treating a young boy of 12 years old for a bedwetting problem. I have seen him twice – once for the initial consultation and again for the first treatment session. On both occasions he has fallen asleep.

He is not just very relaxed, he is out for the count and I have to work hard at waking him up again, which I have had to do three or four times throughout each session.

As soon as I wake him up, he falls asleep again.

On the third session I started off by reassuring him of how nicely he was relaxing, how pleased I was with his progress but that I didn’t want him to actually relax so much that he fell asleep, as this would hinder his treatment. I said the same again after the initial induction, making it plain that this was an instruction not a wish. Again he fell fast asleep.

How can I stop this from happening again?

Firstly, try a shorter induction, perhaps just using


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