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Question:  I recently sent out letters to local social clubs of all sorts, asking if they would be interested in a talk about Curative Hypnotherapy from yours truly.  Well 2 of them have just phoned to book it in which is great. But now I’m in the normal panic and wishing I had never sent them out in the first place. I’m in a desperate need of ideas for it.

What tips can you supply please for how to give a captivating talk – and what should I include?


Don’t worry is the first thing!  Remember that YOU are the expert and even if you get something wrong they won’t know if you don’t tell ’em.

Speak clearly and slowly but let your enthusiasm show.

Talk to your audience and not the floor.

When you have got an idea of what you are going to say, record it and then listen to it to see how it sounds.

This is something that I did to demonstrate how the subconscious controls all of our muscles……..


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