IMR Repeated Instruction


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Question:  I’m treating someone for migraine – but she also suffers from dyslexia – and I’m not having much success with IMR as yet. I realised the left/right thing was not likely to be helping and she confirmed that she struggles with left and right and often gets it wrong.

Will the subconscious struggle with left and right too?

Anyway, I went back to touching the fingers to set up the answering, said, “this is the yes finger”, “this is the no finger” and from time to time during questioning ask her to lift the yes finger or the no finger and she always gets that right.

What, if any, additional amendments do you recommend are made?

I’ve treated people with dyslexia a fair number of times over the years, and would imagine that I have given treatment for other problems to many others who suffer this but who have not mentioned it. Either way, I have never


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