IMR With A Difference

by Ian Blake

 First published in the Hypnotherapy Journal
Issue 19, August 1994

(The Newsletter of Association Qualified Curative Hypnotherapists –
a registered charity [No. 294512] which existed from 1985 to 2007)

So you thought I.M.R. was non-verbal?  Then, think again!  This is how I learned that it need not always be so.

I am one of those Curative Hypnotherapists who rely to a very large extent upon I.M.R. in my treatment.  I had this patient who did not respond to I.M.R.  I tried every trick in the book to get him to raise his fingers in response to my questions, but to no avail.

I was forced to attempt to obtain responses verbally.  But this dear person would not do so – he said that he did not want to speak.  I was stuck.  Here was someone who would not respond either by I.M.R. or by speaking.  What was I to do?

Then I hit upon a silly idea.


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