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My books helped me solve a dilemma. ‘What if it really is…?’ and ‘What do you expect…?’ provide an extra resource available to us as therapists to help our clients decide on their treatment options. They give a level of detail and a time and space for reflection in a way we can’t do justice to within our 45 minutes to 1 hour treatment sessions. I’ve recommended them to clients many times over the years, for various reasons. Here’s one recent example.

My client arrived with one of those kinds of symptoms people often look to hypnotherapy to treat, nail-biting, struggling to lose weight, a phobia. Treatment was in the early stages and progressing in a fairly average sort of way.

At the beginning of one of those early sessions, without any prompting from me in any way, she started telling me of some aspects of her life which seemed to me to be unrelated to the symptom we were treating….


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