A Little Bit Right, A Little Bit Wrong


© Helen Lesser
First published in AQCH Hypnotherapy Journal (issue 40 / 2004) – updated 2014

The phrase ‘little bit right, little bit wrong’ seemed a simple way of explaining what to look for when you reach what you feel may be ‘The Cause’.
Firstly, a quick reminder about the difference between ‘Correction’ and ‘Reinterpretation’:

LCH is not about correcting an incident. You can’t correct an incident. An incident is something which has happened. You can’t ‘un-happen’ it. A situation DID take place, a person DID react to it in a certain way – what’s to correct? However, for the patient to have reacted to that event by going on and eventually creating a problem, there has to have been some MISinterpretation. Helping a person to REinterpret that information, enables you to help dispose of the effects it had.

Something about that incident has to have been true in order for the patient to have accepted or believed the (mis)information and thus goes on to create a reaction from it.

For example:


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