More, Less or Equal


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Question :   When questioning a patient about an incident, I found that her reaction was caused by the words she heard at that time. She took the words to be both a warning and a threat.

So obviously, I needed to find which had the greatest effect in causing her to go on and begin creating the Belief, so asked whether that reaction was more due to the threat than the warning. She said no. So I asked whether it was more due to the warning than the threat – and she said no again.

So I asked whether both the warning and threat had an equal effect in causing the reaction and she said yes.

Is that possible? Can this be true? And if so, how do I progress from here?

Firstly, well done for paying such close attention to your questions and for checking the information you gain so thoroughly, rather than just assuming that the first ‘no’ automatically must mean that the opposite must be true.

In answer to the first part of your question first;


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