More Than One Way

by David Lesser,

First published in the Hypnotherapy Journal
Issue 8, February 1989

(The Newsletter of Association Qualified Curative Hypnotherapists –
a registered charity [No. 294512] which existed from 1985 to 2007)


A problem has been raised by a member of a Stammerer who could not go back before the age of six to recall, yet the earliest memory he did bring back showed him to have stammered at that time. This was the moment of big embarrassment, which probably aggravated his problem.

I suggested to our member that as he had got IMR going, he should work almost exclusively on IMR until he had filled in a complete picture of the age at which it happened, where it happened, who was involved, whether it was something which was said, if so was it critical? Of his appearance? His ability? His character? Behaviour? One can find out who said the words (or did the deed) whether they were at home or elsewhere, even find out how many words were spoken to create the problem, all by using IMR. It is then possible to confront the patient with the fact that they obviously can remember, the information IS there in their subconscious otherwise they could not have given you all this great detail, and therefore the actual words are there and can be recalled.

Over the years, I find I am using IMR more and more for its greater accuracy and its ability to lead very quickly to


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