My Patient Came Out of Hypnosis

“My patient came out of hypnosis!” How one therapist understood the reasons for this behaviour and how the situation was dealt with simply, quickly and effectively; enabling treatment to resume.

© Mary Ratcliffe 2007

Something to consider if this ever happens to another therapist…

My patient has 2 issues, both to do with relationships. One was with her parents, the other with her boyfriend. It emerged that they had different causes and the issue around her parents is now fixed. She responded really well, was willing and able to distract herself so well that she had no idea what I was asking, and was happy with that situation. So once the first issue was sorted, I was optimistic that the second one wouldn’t take long and would be quite straightforward. Her conscious and subconscious mind seemed to be happy with progress so far – so I had no reason to expect any difficulties with IMR.

I was wrong!

At first, there was a huge


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