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QUESTION:  I have just completed a session with one of my patients and she gave me an answer that I wasn’t expecting and had not come across before. I’m sure, with a little more time and thought I would have worked around this, but it was right at the end of the session time, so I stopped at that point.
If it has happened to me, it is bound to have happened to others and will probably happen again so I’d like to have some ideas now so that I’m ready.

So, in asking about the information gained which led to the ‘B’ – I asked: “For you to have created that belief about your character it had to have been caused by something. Is that correct?” – my patient said ‘no’!


It is likely that with a little more explanation, guiding the patient step-by-tiny-step, she would have understood what you were asking and would therefore have responded differently.

A more detailed explanation, giving the opportunity for the patient to understand each little step along the way, could be:-


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