Numbing Technique


© Keith Gullis, 2014

[A close personal friend] was about to undergo reconstructive surgery, following a full mastectomy, and was scared/worried about having intravenous lines, catheter and drain lines removed post op.

Due to the lack of advance notice of surgery there wasn’t sufficient time to undertake a course of LCH treatment, so I decided that the best thing would be to teach my partner how to numb a part or parts of her body as and when she needed to. Due to nurses giving little notice for the removal of such lines the procedure had to be quick and easy. Also, the means of inducing the procedure had to be deliberate, so that it couldn’t accidently be induced.

For this instance I decided to select the forefinger and thumb of the left hand being held together and the thumb and second finger of the right hand to be held together at the same time.

NB: It’s worth noting at this point, my partner had previously received an Initial LCH treatment/session hypnosis on a previous occasion and was used to listening to a post treatment recording.

The following text is the script which I used to install this procedure:


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