Patient K22 – Lack of Confidence (1)

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Transcript of one of the volunteer patients on the Spring 2022 Stage 1 (Practical & Theoretical) Course, who received treatment from Helen Lesser, in front of the students.

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Though in her 40s when she attended, the patient’s chaotic childhood was still casting a shadow over her life. Having endured years of bullying during school years, followed by abusive relationships, she feels that life has passed her by and was plagued by feelings of resentment. She was drinking a bottle of wine almost every night and had lost all confidence in herself. She was extremely self-conscious about her appearance and was unable to converse with most people without blushing and stammering.

During the Initial Consultation, she identified the main issues as being ‘unable to put the past to rest’, ‘having too-high expectations of other people’ and a ‘lack of self-esteem/confidence’. We decided to begin treatment with the confidence issues.

Treatment Summary:

Initial Consultation –

First Investigatory Session –

Second Treatment –


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