Patient K22 – Lack of Confidence (3)

© Helen Lesser, 2022

Transcript of one of the volunteer patients on the Spring 2022 Stage 1 (Practical & Theoretical) Course, who received treatment from Helen Lesser, in front of the students.

[session 1] [session 2]  [session 3]  [session 4]  [session 5] [session 6] [session 7] [session 8]

Pre-treatment discussion: The patient appeared to understand that she could not ‘think’ of the information we needed, from the explanations and examples provided in yesterday’s treatment session; however the following shows a clear tendency to try to ‘make sense’ of the information/questions still.

Perhaps because the appointments were on consecutive days (thus not having sufficient time to process the explanations), conscious intervention continued and rather than layering explanation upon explanation, the following shows how the patient’s responses were used to direct the treatment; how events were constructively dismissed to provide clear guidance with the intention of targeting relevant information at the next appointment.


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