Positively Negative

Positively Negative

© Judy Hopkins 1998
First published in AQCH Hypnotherapy Journal (issue 26 / 1998)

The one time when Curative Hypnotherapists might use straightforward suggestion therapy is in anti-smoking treatment. I have never targeted smokers in my advertising; yet get a steady stream coming for treatment, many of whom can be traced back to two ex-smokers who came to me over a year ago.

One was a market trader who has not only sent me other stallholders but also many of his customers. The other worked for a local factory and has since sent many of his colleagues and their spouses, some of whom worked for other large employers in the area. I now give treatment to their workmates and families in other major organisations, and it is still proliferating.

I attribute part of my unsought success to the pre-hypnotic suggestions I give. Much effort is put into increasing our knowledge and understanding of hypnosis and Curative Hypnotherapy helping us to become better therapists. But the information given to patients before actual treatment starts, and how we put it over, is an important aspect of treatment that is often overlooked.

Patients must understand that the


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