Post Hypnotic Symptom Suggestion


Amanda Shirvell – 2005

I put a question to Helen Lesser yesterday, which she answered for me and suggested I [write it up] in case it is of use/interest to anyone else.

My question was as follows:

I have just started treating a couple of elderly ladies for sleep problems (both getting to sleep and staying asleep).

When I do the count out I always say… “and when I reach the count of 1 you’ll awaken feeling wide awake and fully alert, but nicely relaxed and just like before, this relaxed feeling will stay with you for the rest of the day.”

Is it possible to add something to this, a suggestion of some sort, that this feeling will also help their sleep? Or will this encourage them to then fall asleep when I treat them? Also, is it too much of a suppression technique even though I’m still treating them curatively?

In response Helen said:


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