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In May 2018 the new data protection laws came into effect.  The GDPR – or General Data Protection Regulation – means that every  business which collects personal information needs to be compliant and needs to provide people with information about what it does with the information it collects.

Not only does this mean that our practices must have their own privacy statements, but that our patients must explicitly agree to those terms.

It is therefore necessary that some kind of consent form is completed and signed by each patient.  For more information on consent forms, please see: [Consent Forms]

We each run our own practices differently and there is unlikely to be  a ‘one size fits all’ privacy statement which would work for all of us, however it is useful to have a template from which to work.

This article does not intend to provide details of the GDPR itself, as there is a wealth of information available elsewhere which will provide you with the legal details of what you should, can or must include in your policy and in the administration of your business.

Below are a copy of the privacy notices from the practices of other LCH therapists who have been prepared to share their work here for the benefit of other LCH practitioners.

Our thanks to them for their generosity and good will to their colleagues.


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