Reduced Rates or Free Treatment

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 I was just wondering how people address people who are on low- income, and what kind of options you provide them? Do you always know for sure a client  is low income or do you just get a feeling?

I had a phone call from a client today who was having problems with her young  son, and was in ‘desperate’ mode (ie: threatening to put him in care or  commit suicide). She seemed really keen to  book in, however, as soon as I mentioned price, her eagerness to book an  appointment became an ‘I will think about it’.

The ‘Heart’ side of me wanted to offer more options with payment, however I had already told her that she could spread sessions out to suit her finances by coming every few weeks. The ‘Head’ side of me, said that she had already  told me her son has a PS2 and many other pricey gadgets, and if they can  afford to pay for them then they would be undervaluing the therapy by thinking they couldn’t pay for my services.

It has left me wondering whether I should have offered reduced rates. At no point did she mention having money issues, but it was very obvious this was what was putting her off.


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