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Question: I am treating a female patient with a weight problem. She has gone along with treatment perfectly and I am obtaining information with IMR.

S = Weight

R = Protection (to protect her from experiencing emotional hurt or harm)

B = Appearance

As for the C, I believe I am at the causal incident but something is telling me that the information regarding her belief (ie, appearance) is too obvious for a weight problem. I’ve come at the belief from every possible angle, but she keeps coming back to something to do with her appearance.

The incident, apparently, was a comment made about her appearance, although I can’t get any more definite information regarding WHAT the belief about her appearance is.

To make matters worse, she is insistent that the comments were simply that – comments! They weren’t a criticism, accusation, threat or anything, just a ‘comment’.

Help please….

Obviously, in order to help a person to RE-interpret an event, it is vital that you first find out exactly what the initial interpretation was! So yes, you do need to find out more about the comment which was made about her appearance.

Here are suggestions of four different directions to take from this point:-


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