Pain Treatment Transcript, 4 of 7

Transcript of session showing how treatment was progressed by increasing the patient’s understanding of the language and intended direction. A number of different incidents were referred to by the patient and full explanations were given to allow the patient to understand why they were not the targeted events so that more relevant information could be gained.

Transcript – Anxiety 2017 – (1 of 5)

Transcript of treatment session 3 of volunteer patient on Spring 2017 Practical Course suffering anxiety. Summary of treatment techniques employed so far. This session introduces the patient to the concept of the ‘R’ and traits or characteristics behind it. (session 1 in a series of 5)

Dermatillomania Transcript – 4

Transcript of treatment for skin-picking of lips and fingers, provided by Helen Lesser in front of students on a Practical Course. This is the fourth transcript in the series of 4 and shows the final session and checking procedure.

Is This The Cause?

A therapist gains guidance from colleagues on LBR/LBW and how to effectively use the information gained from whether words/actions were accepted at the time or instead were reacted to as if true at some later point.

Start With Trigger or ISE

Occasionally, a patient is so fixed on one particular event as being the cause of their suffering that it can create difficulties in treatment. This might be a trigger event, some trauma or the ISE (initial sensitising event). The following article is designed to help you to steer your treatment towards more useful, productive information.