Alopecia – Example Reinterpretation

(Part 1 of 2) Reinterpretation of Causative Event (transcript from recording). Using IMR and the TV Visualisation Technique this transcript works through the SRBC to identify the cause and then helps the patient to reinterpret the event and correct the effects.

Dermatillomania Transcript – 4

Transcript of treatment for skin-picking of lips and fingers, provided by Helen Lesser in front of students on a Practical Course. This is the fourth transcript in the series of 4 and shows the final session and checking procedure.

Is This The Cause?

A therapist gains guidance from colleagues on LBR/LBW and how to effectively use the information gained from whether words/actions were accepted at the time or instead were reacted to as if true at some later point.

Volunteer Transcript – J / IBS / Session 5

Final treatment session of Volunteer Patient (J, 2014) showing how several different incidents were located and dismissed and questioning targeted through R and B to C. Reinterpretation of Causative Event included, along with correction of effects and disposal of symptom.

Volunteer Transcript – J / IBS / Session 3

Transcript of 6th session of volunteer patient ‘J’ (2014), detailing the SRBC and reinterpretation. This also provides phrasing and example of how the treatment was refocused towards more relevant events and the target of questioning re-directed to obtain the Causative Event.

Volunteer Transcript – J / IBS / Session 2

Transcription of 5th appointment for volunteer patient ‘J’ (2014), by hypnotherapist Helen Lesser. It shows treatment progression, via SRBC grid, through some confirmatory incidents.
This session also shows one way of progressing questioning when the Reason was stated as being needed to prevent emotional pleasure/enjoyment from being experienced by the patient.

Full Case Study

A complete case history, showing all relevant incidents and how they created the Belief and Reason.
Example shows how the reinterpretation was carried out and how each step of the SRBC was corrected. Also included, full Checking Procedure of final treatment session.
This article shows how to ensure that you enable a full re-interpretation with your own patients, illustrates how to enable your patient to correct all effects and thus provide a full and complete disposal of all symptoms.