Theories Don’t Cure!

by David Lesser,

First published in the Hypnotherapy Journal
Issue 1, August, 1985

(The Newsletter of Association Qualified Curative Hypnotherapists –
a registered charity [No. 294512] which existed from 1985 to 2007)


Amusement and considerable annoyance has been the result of reading David Waxman’s recently published book ‘Hypnosis’ which gives little or no information on hypnosis or its uses but appears to confine it-self to saying again and again that hypnosis should only be undertaken by medically qualified people – WITHOUT giving any reasons what so ever for this slight on people who have really studied the subject and spend their whole time using Hypnotherapy.

Like the doctor in the Midlands who does a bit of hypnosis to supplement his income from his practice as a GP said “We don’t agree with lay-people doing Hypnotherapy”,


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