Transcript – Fear of Judgement

© Helen Lesser, 2017

This was the third session with a patient who had completed treatment for an unconnected issue some while previously and we were therefore able to begin treatment of this problem using IMR in session one.

The patient was unsure what to call this problem initially as it involved a lack of motivation and a feeling of not achieving anything. Other explanations included – not achieving full potential, holding self back, loss of ambition/aspiration, feeling embarrassed by achievements.

For the first two sessions we worked on ‘holding self back’, resulting in:

S- Holding self back
R – Safeguard self from emotional harm caused by others.
y – More at risk of experiencing something physically (not harm/discomfort, pleasure, etc)
B – Worth

This information led us to various incidents where something had been done inadvertently or innocently, yet others’ actions and criticisms were accepted as being appropriate/deserved. There therefore had to be some explanation as to why this patient was so willing to accept all these judgements/behaviours in a similar way.

A change in direction of treatment was therefore agreed upon before beginning the third session – as detailed below.

The following treatment session does not follow the typical SRBC pattern but gives a good illustration of how to direct treatment towards more relevant information and how to make full use of the patient’s initial description of their problem/issue in the eventual Correction of Reactions.

  1. Standard Induction…..


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