Transcript Reinterpretation

Treatment Session
– Reinterpretation & Correction

The following is a transcript of a reinterpretation/correction session with a patient. It details the treatment provided by Emily Fennell  and includes feedback from Helen Lesser and subsequent amendments/thoughts.

This transcript was initially created as part of Emily’s Diploma Course submissions and is reproduced here with the permission of both contributors.

© Emily Fennell 2016

Patient Background and Symptom:

Female in late 20’s. Sought treatment for anxiety (in treatment we referred to ‘this level of worry’ as it was this that the patient identified as being the issue). Described worrying all the time, about everything past and future.

Treatment so far, including SRBC:

Initial consultation, did muscle relaxation and hill walk. Patient opened eyes fine and afterwards described feeling much more relaxed that she had anticipated. Gave CD ES1.

First treatment session, reported really enjoying using the CD and already feeling calmer. Used relaxation lift and TV for recall and distraction.

Second session, IMR introduced using relaxation scale as distraction. Patient responded really well.

Third, fourth and fifth sessions – IMR used to explore SRBC.

The session in which we achieved reinterpretation and correction (session 6) is detailed in full below:


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