Traumatic TV

 The TV visualisation can sometimes cause a patient to refer to an unpleasant, emotional or traumatic event in their life – regardless of whether it played a part in the creation of their symptom. Should the TV techniques be avoided? Can the emotions be controlled? Can the situation be prevented from occurring? Answer includes suggested phrasing/wording, examples and explanation. 

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Two years ago, a girl was on holiday with her family when they were involved in a car crash. All survived, but her parents were hospitalised for a while. At this time, the girl began suffering OCD symptoms relating to cleanliness/contamination and also intrusive thoughts.

Now in her mid-teens, the girl continues to suffer these thoughts on a daily basis – and the additional difficulties and ever-increasing nature of the thoughts and their associations are crippling her.

She has tried Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and some other kind of hypnotherapy but believes that LCH is the way forward as it will not involve having to discuss the symptom (thoughts) nor get her to relive/relate the initial triggering event.

The LCH therapist she consulted asked the following question:-


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