TV – Conscious Responses

Discussion, 2004

The other day I did the TV 2nd session but could not get the patient to give me automatic responses. He struggled giving me any response at all and kept pausing and then saying “don’t know”. I had informed him at the beginning that I wasn’t after any particularly relevant information, just that I wanted to get him reacting in the right way – automatically without thought- and that 95% if not all of his answers may well be, and certainly seem, irrelevant. I kept reassuring him of this during the session and finally got some quicker responses but he did struggle with it. Afterwards he felt that he had to think about an incident and come up with something. He had “consciously” thought about all his answers.

Therefore my question is, I believe I should not go on with the IMR session next time until I get him reacting automatically – is that correct? If so, what would I do in the next session?


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