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Q: Any advice for possible questioning angles for when absolutely every trait or aspect gets a ‘no’ response when looking for the belief (including it being anything about them physically, emotionally, mentally or ‘as a person’)? I think it is a pedantic language thing with this particular subconscious – at every stage I have had to really dig deep to hit upon the right questioning to get anything other than a ‘no’ response. They always acknowledge at every stage that yes, there IS a need/reason/purpose and there IS something that sets them apart and there IS something about them that causes that difference, but it’s been really tricky to get a hold of what that thing is at each stage. I have somehow managed to get a Reason and a Why that I am happy with, using very creative and off-grid questioning, but I’m struggling to see how I can do the same with traits.

HL: I’ve had a few people over the years who don’t go along with any examples offered to them – just like you with this person.  However, if this patient confirms that there is some trait or aspect of them which sets them apart in the way indicated, then I would


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