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QUESTION: I have just read the article “Deep Relaxation Variations” but there may be times when a patient does not mention (for example) that he suffers hay fever as he sees no relevance between this and the symptom for which he is seeking treatment. In such a situation, if the patient is then directed out into the countryside and up a grassy hill, what will happen? Surely there will be some kind of reaction before the therapist is made aware of the patient’s issue, and so adapting the script at this point will be perhaps futile as the reaction will have already occurred?

I understand that if one is aware of the issue beforehand, one can easily adapt the script as did you in ‘Deep Relaxation Variations’, but what does one do if faced with a situation such as this and the reaction is particularly severe?

If the techniques are introduced fully and your normal script includes full instructions to take all possibilities and considerations into account, then no such reaction should occur. Each of us needs to ensure that the techniques we routinely introduce are worded in such a way that any person can and will go along with it, regardless of what past experiences or symptoms they have. For example:-

  1. Beginning the introduction with “I’d like you to


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