What The Stage Two Course Gives Us

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I’m looking at my LCH training from the viewpoint of my music lessons. At school, I learnt theory in a class, and studied piano with a teacher, one-to-one. I’m now learning to play jazz piano and clarinet from a background of classical piano and guitar.

There is so much that is totally unfamiliar to me because I started by simply playing what was written down, like reading from a script. That’s my first LCH link. As I leave my classical comfort zone, the script isn’t available to me in jazz. Instead, I’m being given a starting point, some guidelines, lots of ideas to explore, a few points of reference to check I’m still on track and a feedback loop – “what I just played, does it sound good?”

Just as some types of hypnotherapy make substantial use of scripts, but we don’t use them in that way at all in LCH – there are quite a few more parallels between jazz and LCH.


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