Working Part Time

Mary Ratcliffe, 2024

  • Looking at my own experience
  • The strategies I used
  • What I haven’t experienced
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If working full time is our objective or feels like the optimum, then how do we make the best of working part-time if and when we want or need to?

Looking at my own experience…

I transitioned from a full time office job as a computer programmer by initially treating clients only on a Sunday afternoon, and as my client numbers increased, by getting a regular Tuesday afternoon off as part of my holiday and flex leave, until my voluntary redundancy 18 months later (December 2008).

I gradually built up my workload to what felt like a comfortable full time business, until Covid-19 hit in March 2020. At that point, I gave up my office, worked purely online and started learning clarinet, joining a jazz band and enjoying semi-retirement where I was happy to have a smaller part of my week involved in LCH.

The strategies I used…

The Stage Two Course and the Random Y/N questioning exercise were a key part of building up my skills and keeping them honed in those early years.  (Links to more information about these and other related articles are all mentioned below.)

On an ongoing basis, and especially as my workload reduces into semi-retirement, I need to continue working on my skills.


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