Decline to Recline


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QUESTION:-  I have started treating a lady for anxiety who refuses to recline or lie down for treatment. She is quite happy to do this for other therapies, but not for hypnotherapy. She tells me that she’s perfectly happy to lie down to go to sleep at night but does not wish to do so when seeing me in case she has difficulty with her neck.

I’m sure she is not relaxing as well as she could do because of her upright position, which will obviously create difficulties in treatment. Should I insist that she lies down? I have tried to persuade her but to no avail. I feel the treatment is likely to fail if she continues to insist on sitting up, so if anyone has any advice I would be very grateful.

 There is obviously some concern she has which would need to be addressed in order for treatment to progress successfully.

There’s no reason at all why treatment can’t be completed with someone sitting, as opposed to reclining. Many people who are


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