144 articles 1 – Techniques

Troubleshooting, guidance, scripts and introductions for various techniques – questioning, visualisation, recall, IMR, inductions, deepening, distraction, etc.

Thoughts on Reinterpretation of Causal Incidents

It can seem more challenging or intriguing when a Causative Event involves a deliberate wrongdoing, with premeditation and full understanding. In this article suggestions are provided for a variety of such situations along with links to detailed Q&A examples, to aid therapists with reinterpretation.

Virtual Therapy – Treatment Amendments

Summary of the discussions held which cover a range of topics relevant to the provision of hypnotherapy via video conferencing and the changes which should or might be useful to ensure techniques work as well online as in person.

Technique-Enhancing Scripts – User Guide

We need to explain quite a lot to our patients. We need to educate them and reassure them, their conscious and subconscious mind. Recordings to provide guidance, explanation and practice can prove useful to enhance the techniques which will be used during treatment. This user guide gives details of how this can be achieved.

Is This The Cause?

A therapist gains guidance from colleagues on LBR/LBW and how to effectively use the information gained from whether words/actions were accepted at the time or instead were reacted to as if true at some later point.