Technique-Enhancing Scripts – User Guide

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We need to explain quite a lot to our patients. We need to educate them and reassure them, their conscious and subconscious mind. We’re asking them to play recordings to get used to relaxing to the sound of our voice and allowing their mind to wander. We want them to learn to pay less and less attention to us for questioning in later sessions.

These scripts focus directly on helping them to play their part in treatment.

They are likely to pay attention for the first few times with each recording, and they will learn consciously and gain understanding from the content. Then as they drift off, the subconscious learning, the reassurances and post-hypnotic suggestions will be reinforced with each time they practise.


User Guide

This collection of scripts are for use by therapists for the recordings they provide to patients to practise their relaxation between treatment sessions. Each is designed for a different stage in treatment, so it is important to understand when each should be provided and what explanations to give to the patient for each recording.

There are also various parts of the scripts that need to be included for safety reasons, so please read through the following before making any amendments of your own, and


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