Hypnosis for Childbirth


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Question:  A lady has contacted me on the recommendation of her midwife. She is 8 months pregnant and wants to know if I can offer her any help with labour/birth. This does not seem to be a case for Curative work – but that’s what I’m qualified in – so what should I say?

Firstly – it would be wise to find out how the subject of hypnosis cropped up between the lady and her midwife. Is this simply something that the midwife mentions to all the women she sees?

Is the lady particularly nervous or anxious or does she have some other problem which prompted the midwife’s suggestion?

Does the lady herself wish to have a drug-free, ‘natural’ birth and therefore asked the midwife for her opinion?

Knowing this would give you some initial insight into whether the lady herself wishes


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