Recording Own Treatment


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Question:  A patient has asked whether, when he attends for treatment, he can record the sessions for his own use in between appointments with me. Is this a good idea? If not, how do I explain this to him so that he is still happy to come for treatment?


My first question would be why?!

Does he believe that he will be utterly unaware of the proceedings while he’s relaxed? This misconception should be fully corrected before you begin treatment, or he is unlikely to relax sufficiently for treatment to proceed.

Does he believe that the treatment will simply be you talking at him, providing some sort of visualisation or symptom suppression? If so, it is understandable that he thinks reinforcing this time and time again in between appointments might be of benefit, but again this misunderstanding about the treatment needs to be identified and corrected.

LCH treatment will involve you asking questions and getting answers from the patient. Listening to the questions again at home will


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