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Question:  I have been treating a lady for her problem of anxiety, we got the SRBC, did the reinterpretation, corrected the reactions and then left things for four weeks before doing the checkup.

I saw her yesterday for what I’d hoped was the final session. Her anxiety had dramatically improved, but was not quite gone yet. I went through my normal checking procedures and while everything checked out perfectly for the Beliefs and Reasons she had initially created the problem for, she came up with a brand new reason for it!

This new reason (Punishment) had never been mentioned by her previously and the Belief (intelligence) is also something she’d never referred to before. What do I do?

If she had initially presented with 2 problems, and you had completed the treatment of her main symptom and everything had been thoroughly checked and rechecked, you would then move on to the second symptom. You would be expecting different information from that which you’d previously gained. This is no different!

So the short answer to ‘what do I do?’ is


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