Pain Treatment Transcript, 1-3 of 7

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Transcript of one of the volunteer patients on the Spring 2018 Practical Course, who received treatment from Helen Lesser, in front of the students.


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The patient’s first contact:

“Does hypnotherapy work for chronic pain? I have tried everything!  Pain medication, chiropractor, ultrasound treatment, physiotherapy, scans and tests, acupuncture and possibly other things, I’ve lost count!  I’m 24 and suffer from chronic pain, what worries me about the pain I’m in now is what about when I get older?  The NHS has all but given up on me.”

Initial Consultation

The pain affected her hip and lower back considerably, but the pain in her neck was unrelenting and she had been suffering in this way for the last 5 or 6 years.  She was currently taking Tramadol which was helping but she was still in constant pain.

Following the first induction, the patient was asked to practice the relaxation with a recording at home.  She returned for her first treatment session saying that there had been a definite improvement in her neck pain.

First Treatment Session Summary:

  • Standard Induction,
  • Lift Visualisation for deepening,
  • TV Visualisation to recall a specific event
    • referencing the tonsillectomy she had undergone 3 years previously
  • TV visualisation for conscious distraction; verbal responses
    • event between 15 & 20 years old where she had caused herself some kind of physical effect

Second Treatment Session Summary:

  • Standard Induction
  • Relaxation Scale: 7, (9), 13, 100
  • IMR: S=Neck Pain. R= warn self of physical discomfort.


Third Treatment Session Detail:

From audio recording.
Full transcript of therapy session follows:-

Standard Induction…..


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